• at San Damiano from an invading

• at San Damiano from an invading

• One of the main events and most known events is the time when St. Clare saved Assisi from invading troops. St. Clare was defending her sisters at San Damiano from an invading army. Legend has it that an army was invading Assisi and planned on raiding the Poor Clare’s convent. St. Clare had her sisters carry her to the opening gate, because she was very sick, where she prayed with a blessed sacrament for protection. It is told that the army approached St. Clare and suddenly became very frightened and fled away from Assisi. St. Clare showed her trust and faith in God by surrendering herself the army and asking for protection for her and the whole of Assisi.
• St Clare writes about how we need to follow Jesus and God in all they do. How we need to promote the religion and educate people about Catholicism. To care for those less fortunate and to exercise our love for gods gifts given to us. How we need to nurture our community and embrace everyone as equals. St. Clare provides us with a new aspect of Catholicism and a new aspect of God. St. Clare also helps us realize we are all family of the Eucharist guided by the holy spirit called by Jesus Christ to grow in faith, love and in harmony with the Catholic church.
• Jesus mission talks about how the spirit of the lord is on him and guides him to make the right choices. He writes about how God has anointed him and calls him to help the poor and provide them with the good news of the lord. Jesus writes about how God has asked him to proclaim freedom for the prisoners who are not in the eyes of God and recover the sight of the blind. He writes about how his life mission is to save people from there sufferings and help them see a new light in the eyes of God.
• Jesus and Saint Clare both write about how they give up something of there’s to make the life of someone else’s better, even if they do not know the person. They treat each person equally even if they do not believe in the Catholic faith. They both show faith and love in God and trust in his words. They follow Gods teachings to guide them in life and help them make good and just decisions. They give up everything to serve Christ.
• Saint Clare inspires us to have faith and trust in God. She shows us how if we believe in something and feel as though it is right then we need to take action. She has faced many struggles In her life but still shows a positive outlook on life. She desired to live a life parallel to St. Francis and she took her opportunity even though she didn’t know the outcome. She has shown amazing faith, courage, and bravery. She gave up her entire life to live a life of serving Christ. To sacrifice everything you have to help others is all the inspiration we need to do just as she did and help those in need.


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